Extension with users

Extension with users' control.

04-02-2014 By: Software engineer.


Extension with users´ control 

Supervisor function
Especially the last year, the usage of IQsafeLink™ has grown expansionally! It appeared that one had the wish to administrate multiple boxes in an easier way. For this, we have included a supervision function int he web based application. By usinig this function, one will be able to easily create groups with which diverse boxes can be assigned to various users.
The greatest advantage is that the user will not see all boxes in his IQsafeLink™ tool, but just the box runned by him. Certainly to customers who already possess more than ten boxes, this creates clarity in the taking over of their machine or process control.


However, to current users, nothing changes. Exclusively the customers who requested the supervisor function, will get this activated by us.


If you would like to aquire more information regarding the user management function in IQsafeLink™, please contact us: +31 (0) 488 451 236.



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